Pricing information

As a retailer it is important we are informing you of critical information relating to standing offers. This information can assist you in making informed choices. It will make it much easier to compare offers from multiple providers.

Below we have set out present standing offers and key plan information and also include a link to the Energy Made Easy Website and The Victorian Energy Compare site.

To all customers our best deal is the DMO or VDO, it’s a benchmark price set by the regulators. This in all instances will be our best price plan. When comparing our plan to any other retailers plan, if they present their rates as a percentage below the VDO or the DMO they will be presenting a more competitive plan than ours and you may consider switching to save money.

We are not currently onboarding new customers however if you are an existing customer we recommend you switch to the Default offer as this the best price plan we currently offer.  Last year we were presenting plans that were 20-25% below the market offer. Unfortunately we can not continue to do so. Other providers will offer better plans and you should consider them.

controlled load
Residential with
controlled load
Small Business
controlled load
DMO Usage kWh Price* Usage kWh Price* Usage kWh Price*
AUSGRID 3,900 $1,512 General Usage 4,800 + Controlled Load 2,000 2,122 10,000 $4,360
ENDEAVOUR 4,900 $1,836 General Usage 5,200 + Controlled Load 2,200 $2,383 10,000 $3,782
ESSENTIAL 4,600 $2,092 General Usage 4,600 + Controlled Load 2,000 $2,490 10,000 $4,901
ENERGEX 4,600 $1,620 General Usage 4,400 + Controlled Load 1,900 $1,961 10,000 $3,446

* All prices include GST