Market contract terms

You have engaged Electricity in a box Pty Ltd. to provide you your Electricity . If you have any queries about this application or about the supply of utilities to the premises in general, please contact Electricity in a box directly on 1300 933 039 or via email at

These are the terms and conditions on which Electricityinabox will supply electricity to you.

Electricityinabox adheres to and will bill in accordance with all relevant legislative authorities including but not limited to:

  • National Energy Retail Rules (NERR),
  • Australian Energy Regulator (AER)
  • Exempt Selling Guideline,
  • Rental Tenancies Authority,
  • Body Corporate Commissioners Office,
  • Department of Energy & Water Supply (DEWS)

Move In:
Electricityinabox requires a copy of your application form acknowledging the terms and conditions in order to establish your account.

Tariff Rate and Charges:
On receipt of your application form you will receive a Welcome Letter from us disclosing your tariff rate, service fee, utilities charges along with bill cycle (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) and general information.

Move Out:
You are responsible for payment of charges in respect of supply of utilities to the premises until you have given notice to Electricityinabox that you have vacated the premises or no longer require us to supply electricity to the premises.

Applicable Conditions:
If your service is located in an Embedded Network you may view the guidelines on the AER website, and search for “AER Exempt Selling Guidelines” Site Conditions:

R1 – Retail Commercial,
R2 – Retail Residential,
R5 – Retail Large User,
R3 – Retail Retirement,
R4 – Retail Caravan Park

Concessions & Rebates:
Card holders of a Health Care, Seniors, Veterans Affair, Asylum Seekers Cards may be applicable to claim for the electricity rebate. Forms and information can be obtained from our website and will be processed in accordance with the Department of Communities. Rebates are not processed until the requirements are met, all applicants are to ensure rebate forms have been received. We accept no responsibility for forms not received due to a third party or system error.

Life Support:
We require notification if you are a life support customer along with appropriate documents verifying Life Support from your medical practitioner.

You acknowledge that Electricityinabox abides by the reminder, warning and disconnect notice process as per NERR and AER Exempt Guidelines and where accounts are not paid on time by the nominated due date we will implement the appropriate fees and charges.


You must pay all charges in connection with the supply of utilities to your premises within 14 days of invoice. Your Invoice will be emailed to you and if requested also sent by print. If you are unable to pay your bill by the due date indicated on the bill you may be eligible for Payment Assistance

Payment Assistance:
Payment extensions and plans are available. Home Energy Emergency Assistance scheme is available to applicable occupants under the AER Exempt Selling Guidelines. Please contact us for any payment plans, extensions or queries.

If you are the occupant of the premises you may be required to pay a refundable security deposit.

Security Deposits:
are set in accordance with National Energy Retail Rules (NERR) and Laws and in accordance with AER Exempt Selling Guidelines (applicable to Commercial customers only).

In the event that debt collection proceeds, this will be in accordance with National Energy Retail Rules in respect of the supply of utilities to the premises, Electricityinabox may do any or all of the following to ensure payment:

  1. commence proceedings against you for recovery of the outstanding charges and any interest, including its legal and other costs and expenses;
  2. disconnect the supply of utilities to the premises unless on life support equipment;
  3. charge a fee for disconnect and or reconnection of the supply of utilities to the premises;
  4. make changes to a security deposit as a condition of the supply of utilities to the premises and do anything that it is entitled to recover a debt.

Electricityinabox may apply changes to fees, invoices, services or any other part of our business as per internal business or regulatory requirements/changes. We communicate any changes with you through our bill delivery mechanisms.

Your Privacy

Electricityinabox adheres to the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 when collecting, using, storing and disclosing information contained in this Application.  Electricityinabox may disclose information contained in this Application to a credit reporting agency for the purpose of obtaining or creating credit information files pursuant to Part IIIA.

Disputes & Complaints:
Please contact our office for dispute resolution guidelines in accordance with legislative requirements such as Ombudsman Scheme, Rental Tenancy Act, Body Corporate Commissioners Acts and any other applicable legal body relating to your circumstance. Our Dispute resolution process can be found on our website

Schedule of Fees

All Fees and charges are GST exclusive
Fees and charges are correct as at 1st December 2019 and are subject to change.

Fees & Charges

Fee   Amount
Daily Service Fee   As indicated on your welcome letter
Late Payment Fee   $12 per notice
Disconnect for non payment   $70 per disconnection
Reconnect for non payment   $70 per reconnection
Dishonoured Payment Fee   $20 per dishonour
Security Deposit   Applied only in accordance with Retail Acts/Laws and AER Guidelines