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Step one enter your postcode this will tell us which distribution network you are in and we will provide you prices depending on your needs
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We need to know if you are moving into a new premises or if you are simply changing to us from your current provider for a better deal
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Enter your personal particulars such as name, address, NMI if you have it and we will then establish your account and organise your cut over
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Igor Green
Igor Green
September 1, 2020.
Friendly and responsive customer service experience. Hassle free and quick online setup process. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fresh approach to energy.
Morgan Duncan
Morgan Duncan
September 1, 2020.
I was one of the first pilot users of Electricity in a box , The service cutover was seamless. All communications are available on line and I don't need to pick up a phone which suits me and i expect will suit others. Often we find we are better at getting solutions ourselves rather than calling a phone line, sitting on hold and trying to get someone else to do it for us. As part of the founding team I have been very satisfied with the process

Why Choose

  • We are a digital utility, we offer self-service so you don’t
    need to pick up a phone.
  • We are new market entrants and don’t have big old clunky systems.
  • We provide bare bones electricity what you need without all the frills.
  • No smoke and mirrors – what you see is what you get – simple rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retail Electricity questions answered
  • What payment methods do you offer?

    Electricity in a box provides the following payment methods;
    1) Direct debit by Credit Card
    2) Direct Debit by bank account
    3) Pay by credit card
    4) Pay over the phone

  • Can I order Batteries and Solar with

    Electricity in a box believes in a cleaner brighter future. A core strategy for us is delivering an integrated solution including solar and battery. We position our proposition to be able to help you become grid independent. We are a new market disrupter and will be introducing a Battery solutions in 2021.

  • How long will it take to power on?

    If you wish to transfer from one provider to us we can do this immediately. If you are not the current owner or tenant of a location you are moving into , we simply need to have confirmation of when you will be moving and when you will be responsible for the power
    and we will schedule it in for you.

  • I am a concession card holder, how do I
    claim my concession?

    Concession holders need simply to add the concession details in our portal which will ensure you are eligible to claim concessions.

  • Power is on at my house, but I am a new tenant?

    As a new tenant you just need to signup online and indicate today as your move in date.
    We will do the rest !

  • Power is not on at my house, how do I activate
    it or turn it on?

    It is very important if your power is not active that you contact us. We will have a visit organised for the power to be turned on. Be sure your power is on the off position. Please ensure all your power points are also turned to the off position before our technicians visit.